Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Queso from El Salvador
Queso from El Salvador

My grandparents used to be farmers and my family has a tradition of making cheese in El Salvador. Today, when my aunt comes from El Salvador each year to visit us she always brings cheese that my family made there. One time, my mom brought a lot of milk from work. She used it to make cheese at home. The cheese that they make is a hard cheese kind of like parmesan cheese but it doesn't taste much like parmesan.  It can be eaten as a side dish but the cheese is really hard to melt. 

First my aunt came and visited us in the United States so she can see her son named Socrates who is my cousin. My cousin always picks her up from the airport. Her bags are mostly filled with food from El Salvador, including the cheese. Usually my mom comes and visits my aunt when she is home and unloading the bags full of food. My aunt brings cheese, corn tortillas, and bread that my grandpa made. It is the best! She also brings some hard bread that looks like cookies and if you dip it in coffee its get softer. The next day my mom has a plan to sell some of the cheese to her closest friends so she can make a little bit of money.

This story means something to me about my family and what they did back in El Salvador in the 20th century. My mom used to have a business in El Salvador to sell cheese. She told me it was a successful business. The cheese represents a snack and a reminder of my heritage whenever I eat it. I'm glad that my family makes the best food from my cultural background and the cheese is one of the best that they made.

Place(s): El Salvador, Annapolis MD
Year: 2000

– Kevin

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant