Quartz Necklaces

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Relationship: Im/migrant
My quartz necklaces.
My quartz necklaces.

My quartz necklaces are my favorite objects. I have a special rose quartz, amethyst and white quartz necklaces. If you wear them, they give you good vibes and they are cute as well. You can find so many different types of quartz like blue quartz, agate, smoky quartz, citrine, jasper, and lapis lazuli.

My best friend gave me my first necklace on my birthday and the second my other best friend gave me when I told her that I had to go to another school. I am always wearing one of these necklaces because I feel like a part of my friends are always with me by my side. When I am feeling that I miss them so much I just use the necklaces to feel better.

The necklaces represents me because they are part of my identity because my friends have a part of my heart as well, I feel like I am not myself if I am not wearing one of my necklaces.

Place(s): Honduras
Year: 2019

– Terah

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant