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Jambiya - A belt
Jambiya - A belt

After My grandfather's wedding night, he gave the jambiya to my father so he can wear it. My father told me about it when I was 10 year old. It is found in the middle east of Yemen and it is made of gold and made of rhino horn which can cost up to $1500 per kilogram. Men wear it as a belt on top of a garment, it’s worn on special occasions such as a wedding, Eid, etc It is also commonly used in traditional events, such as dances. It is something that most men wear and it and it is very popular in Yemen. When I see my father wear it, it reminds me of my grandfather who has passed away. Men wear it above the age of 14 so they can show they are men. People wear it as an accessory to their clothing. The most famous sort of the Jambiya is which it has a "saifani" or ivory handle. It has a dim yellowish luster and it had two middle gold circles on it. The more translucent ivory will turn a yellow color with age. To sum up, jambiya is a traditional and historical symbol for Yemeni people. 

Place(s): Yemen, Rye
Year: 2016

– SA

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