soccer cleats

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

I have a pair of soccer cleats hanging on my wall. They Are black with some red on them and the sole of the shoe is hanging off. They mean alot to me because i've accomplished a lot of things in these cleats. I won state in them in 2017, I had a good high school season sophomore year, and I played in them in England. Soccer is a big part of my identity and culture. My family are big fans of the game and my dad used to play when he was younger and so did most of my uncles. They are from Mexico and that's all they would do, every single day they would be playing. Soccer is a very big thing in my culture, everyone plays or likes watching. So when they came to the United States they brought the love of the game with them. When my cousins and I were growing up we would play with our older cousins and uncles at family parties. We would always get together to watch the Mexican national team play, and we still do, but when I really got into soccer was when we would get up really early in the morning to watch the world cup games. The 2010 world cup, now I play soccer everyday with my club or high school team. It became a everyday thing for me, game really influenced me and it feels weird when I am not playing. 

Place(s): Minnesota, England, couple states USA

– Jorge Rey Martinez

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant