Puerco con Salsa Roja

Puerco con Salsa roja
Puerco con Salsa roja

Puerco con Salsa roja is a mexican dish and is served at many mexican restaurants. Puerco con salsa roja in english is, “ Red sauce with pork.” Red sauce with pork is a food served at my family Christmas parties, birthdays, Thanksgiving and special events. It has been a tradition my great grandmother has shared with our whole entire family. My great grandma’s name is Mama Mode. She was the one who started a tradition and shared this plate at her house in, Morelos, Mexico, and she shared it with all her 15 children (including my grandma). When my grandma, Mere, came to the United States she passed it down to her children,  especially my mom, Yazmin. Now it’s my favorite food dish. My great-grandma is 72 years old and she’s still alive today. I thank her for passing down such an amazing, and delicious dish to my generation. I hope I can pass it down to my future children. 

Place(s): Morelos, Mexico Minneapolis, Minnesota
Year: 1932

– Stephanie J.

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more