Protector (Pin)

Relationship: Im/migrant
Italian Pins
Italian Pins

 What protects a person? What makes a person feel safe? In my case it is a pin. These pins consist of all parts of protection in the Italian heritage. My great great grandmother who is from Naples, Italy started this tradition. In this tradition, the grandmother is supposed to give these pins to their grandchildren when they are babies. Likewise, my Nonna made mine. Furthermore,when a grandchild is born the grandmother is to make the pin and have the baby wear this pin under their clothes to protect them from “the evil eye” or in italian also known as “malocchio.” In other words, the pin precludes the negative energy from those that wish an individual bad luck. This pin can be worn throughout your entire life. Although this pin can be worn your entire life, I wore this pin as a baby. My two brothers, my mom, my aunt, my uncle, and my Nonna also wore these pins as babies. From what my mom and Nonna have told me, inside these pins are medallions of saints as well as the outside. For instance, inside the brown pin are small metal medallions of St.Francis and the white pin has small metal medallions of St. Anastasia. In addition there is a gold horn on each pin. These pins are important to me as it shows my true heritage and beliefs. This connects to my culture immensely because my family and I are big believers in warding off negative energy. For the most part, I hope that my mother can continue the tradition and make the pins for my children in the future.  #JSarich2019 #Evil Eye #Naples #Italian #Protector #Tradition

Place(s): Naples, Italy
Year: 1968

– Victoria LoGiudice

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant