Evil eye bracelet part 1

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
An evil eye bracelet
An evil eye bracelet

To begin with, the object that I chose that I feel is something important to me is the evil eye bracelet. I think this object is very important to me because it is one of the objects that was taught to me to ward off any bad spirits or to not get bad luck. This bracelet is important to my family’s culture because it is a type of sacred-significant bracelet. It is sacred because it is a type of jewelry that we think serves a good purpose. Whether it may be to ward off bad spirits or to get less bad luck, we still think it might be the fact to be rather safer than sorry. You might even see my culture have this bracelet around our wrists and to us it just is to be more secure. You might not think much about this bracelet at first sight and think it is just a decorative bracelet but no it does have a significance that plays in our everyday lives.
My family members that have immigrated have originally started in Mexico and landed in America but to be more exact Chicago.  At first they just considered this a trip until it really wasn’t. When my family members decided that this was going to be a permanent home they had a dream of raising me and my siblings in a place that we deserved. A place that was comfortable and a place where we would be happy. My family members at this time did not have much since they just moved here but they still thought that someday we might find the best space. Present day today, I’d say we’re in a stable condition and are grateful for the things or chances that my parents gave us that they hadn’t gotten. 

Place(s): (Mexico, America)
Year: 1998

– Yamileth

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant