protective talisman

Relationship: Im/migrant

 An object that is very special to me is my necklace. I got it from my grandmother. It is a kind of protective talisman in China. My grandmother hopes this necklace will protect me from harm and help me be safe and happy forever. This necklace is a traditional jade ornament in China. The pendant is made from jade and is in the shape of a lifesaver, but thinner. It is light green, round, has a very small hole in its center, and is not like a normal lifesaver. When you touch it, it feels smooth and cool. The chain is not made from metal, it is made from string, a tradition from ancient times. Black and red are the normal colors of the string. Mine is black. There are some amber, black, silver and jade beads intersperse along the string. I got this necklace from my grandmother several years ago. She told me that she had gotten it from the monks in a temple. Before my grandmother got it, a blessing ceremony had been held in the temple. My necklace looks like an ancient copper coin. The ancients believed that the ancient copper coin could ward off evil and protect peace, but it was not very beautiful, so they made it from jade. I wore it every day and now string is worn out. My grandmother reinforced it with thread. When I see my necklace, I remember the happy time that I spent with my grandmother. It encourages me when I am disappointed or sad.     As you can see, my necklace is very important to me. It contains my grandmother's care and love for me. I will give it to my children and pass this love on. 

Place(s): China
Year: 2018

– Jingjia Xie(Jaja)

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant