Pretty Pink Ballet Slippers

In Attire

I was just 3 years old and waited anxiously for my nightly Hannukah present. For days I was eyeing the pretty pink box carefully wrapped with delicate white ribbon hoping it was intended for me. It was already day 3 and the present was still sitting there, finally full of excitement my mother handed me the present. I quickly opened the box, suddenly my eyes grew huge. Right in front of my eyes was my first pair of ballet slippers, similar to the ones my grandmother wore when she was little. Little did I know not only did I get a pair of ballet slippers, I was fortunate enough to receive something that enabled me to come alive and express myself on the dance floor. Like most girls in my family, including my sister, mother, and grandmother dancing was their passion. My mother, sister and grandmother have both been dancing since they were toddlers, and that has also been my dream ever since I was little. Dance has expanded to various of styles such as hip hop, jazz, ballet, lyrical and the list goes on. My sister and mother's favorite style was jazz, while my grandmother's favorite style was ballet. Ever since I was little my favorite style was Hip Hop and Ballet. As I grew older my ballet slipper grew bigger, and my technical skills advanced. I went from small scale recitals in a school auditorium to national competitions. Dance has shaped me into who I am today. I couldn't be prouder of the person that little pink box with a pair of ballet slippers inside has turned me into.

– Julia Klose

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