Trinidad Earrings

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Relationship: Im/migrant

Listen as Maria Forbes recounts her family's travels. Earrings help remind her of where she is from, and the family that remains far away.“My name is Maria Forbes. The object I have is earrings with the Island of Trinidad. I was born in Trinidad also, but I grew up in St. Vincent, then came to the United States. My two great uncles, who migrated hear in the 1940s, they brought my mother to the United States, and then she brought us into the country. But I grew up in St. Vincent, and then came here as a child, to the United States as a child in 1958, and the other family members…It [the earrings] was given to me by one of my siblings, a sister who um grew up in Trinidad, migrated to England, but returned to Trinidad for a visit, and bought them and send them to me here in the United States.”

Year: 1958

– Maria Forbes

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant