Prayer Wheel

Relationship: Im/migrant
Prayer Wheel from Nepal.
Prayer Wheel from Nepal.

Prayer wheels are made out of metal or wood. This wheel is from Tibet and Nepal. Inside the cylinder is a very thin paper that have mantras written in them as many times possible. There  is also a  handle on the top to spin the prayer wheel. When spinning the wheel purifies negative karma, bad actions one has done, the more times it is spun the more it will benefit you. 
I got this prayer wheel from my dad. He brought it here from Nepal as a good luck charm. Back than, Nepal was dealing with some issues with there leader, economy, and business wasn’t going well. Because of this my dad came to America for opportunity and new start. Every since than he has been using it every morning and evening. It is a way of meditation and hope that everything will be well. 

Year: 1982

– Angel Gurung

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant