Prayer Mat

My object is a Janamaz (a Muslim word for prayer mat). My mom immigrated to America in 1999, but my dad immigrated in 1990.This prayer mat is from Bangladesh. This prayer mat is use to pray to our god 5 times a day. My dad's father passed the prayer mat down to my mother when she was leaving to go to America. My grandfather, mom, dad, sister, and I had all used this Janamaz. I chose the Janamaz as my object because this it represents my country and culture. It very important that it has been in the family for approximately 20 years! It's too priceless to throw away. When my mother uses the Janamaz, she could remember the memories she had with my grandfather and could sometimes smell him. I have many questions for him like where did you get it, how much was it, and why did you buy this specific one. This is why the prayer mat is priceless in my family.

Year: 1990

– Ipaj P.

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