prayer beads

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My dad is a immigrant from Lucknow that is in India. The object that I have chosen a string of prayer beads that are made of blessed wood. The beads help my dad meditate/concentrate the beads are much like the rosary and each bead means something like a little prayer. In India lots of people use them they are a really big part of their religion. When my dad came to America he was only 26 and he wanted a better life. My dad was the first of his family to come to America. It was hard because when he came hear he knew nothing at all. Everything was new and he couldn't read or write English. He also had a really hard time finding a job that he loved. It is important for me to learn about his story because I never really was that concerned and now after talking to hem I do feel more involved and I realized how hard of a struggle it was for him and probably for all the immigrants.   In conclusion when my dad came to America it was not easy and there were many struggles like a job a home and the fact that everything is completely different and new. But my dad over came all the challenge that were thrown his way. Also the rest of his family are now live in Canada and we visit them often. 

Place(s): India
Year: 1988

– Gisele Shahi

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant