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Voodoo Drum
Voodoo Drum

The object is a representation of the Haitian Vodou Religion.  I am the founder and President of the Haitian American Museum of Chicago (HAMOC). My immigration story started when my mother decided to leave my father and came to the United States in 1966. As a very young child with no decision making, was forced to assimilate to a new developed country as the United States. I quickly became the Haitian American adult that left my cultural background behind. Not only did I have to assimilate in the US but lived years in Mexico with my Mexican husband. 
My first trip back to Haiti was in 1980 under Jean Claude Duvalier.  Returned again in 2000 under Aristide where the country was so different. My third trip was as a volunteer Registered nurse after the 2010 devastating earthquake. Due to the combined three trips, I wanted to research my identity and decided to open HAMOC to promote the rich Haitian culture. As I began to produce programs, I suddenly asked "Who am I?" One of the first things that I wanted to know was my Vodou background. I traveled to New York to ask a family member regarding the lead person in the Vodou religion as I learned that Vodou is tradition, lifestyle of all Haitians.  The drum is a symbol of the Haitian Vodou and African heritage which makes me a proud Haitian.

Place(s): Haiti, United States, and Mexico
Year: 1966


Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child