I have been living in New Orleans most of my life, but I grew up in Italy until the age of 10, in a little seaside city in Tuscany called Viareggio, about 60 miles from Florence. This postcard, sent in 1983 by my mother to my brother and I when she was on vacation in Italy, represents my roots and my childhood. This is the Viareggio's Passeggiata (seashore promenade); the main building with the arches is the private beach club called 'Principe di Piemonte' . That is where my parents met, and also where I experienced my very first high dive from a 3 meter diving board, which upon a terrible entry into the water I lost a tooth! Viareggio is known for its carnival, and its amazing, giant, fully animated floats. My family has been making Mardi Gras floats for generations, and my family moved to the U.S. to work with [Mardi Gras float builder] Blaine Kern, after he came to Viareggio and met with my dad, Raul.

Place(s): Italy, Europe, Viareggio, Carnival, Mardi Gras, Kern, New Orleans
Year: 1975

– Jonathan Bertuccelli

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child