Portrait Of Jesus

Relationship: Im/migrant

My object is a portrait of Jesus Christ. It’s very important to me and my family because he always protects us. Through difficult times I have just looked at the portrait and hoped for the best. My family went through a lot and I feel god has helped with those problems. When my cousin died I feel as though god would look after him. My family would light many candles because we believed that it would help guide his soul to heaven. God is always everywhere but having a portrait of Jesus makes me feel closure and it allows me to feel closer to my cousin. My mother bought this portrait around 15 years ago when she arrived at this country as an immigrant from Mexico with my father. My mother and father didn’t have anything when they arrived at this country and the situation seemed very dim, it seemed impossible to get out of it. But they kept hoping for a better life and I feel like this portrait has played a huge role in this. I don’t remember living in a house where I have not had this painting with me, it is a part of my life and I just wanted to share this. 

Place(s): Minneapolis,
Year: 2002

– Juan

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant