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growing up porcelain dolls with numbers
growing up porcelain dolls with numbers

Do you and your siblings share things? Because my sister and I are eleven years apart, I was always too tiny to fit in her clothes. Instead, we were able to share these growing up enesco dolls. Growing up enesco dolls are porcelain dolls that have different numbers on them; the numbers correspond with your age. My mother would buy  a new one every year for my older sister. That being the case, they originally were in my sister’s room and the night before my birthday she would take the one that matched my age off her shelf and wrap it. I associate these with birthdays because that’s when I would receive one. Consequently, being a clumsy child my mother would always get nervous about me putting the doll on my shelf. “Don’t Break it! Don’t drop it!” She would always shout out, but I understood to be careful because I always saw how gentle my sister was. Around 2016 I moved here to dix hills and the porcelain dolls were packed away. In all honesty, I had forgotten about these dolls until my mother brought them up a few months ago. Sure, a few of them have lost an arm along the way but there’s nothing glue can’t fix! On November nineteenth 2019, my niece was born. Since I have a niece now, they are being passed to her. It felt good to see them again and it brought me back to my old house. in conclusion, these porcelain dolls have been in my family for 27 years which may not seem like a lot, but there are many more years to come. #jsarich2020 #birthday #family #fun 

– Makayla Cohan

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