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Everyone has a way of celebrating things. It could be a tradition or celebrating something for fun. My family and I have get togethers. We laugh and play games. The game mostly played is Dominoes. My family takes Dominoes seriously, it’s a very intense game. It’s fun to play because you end up getting mad or laughing at how you lost. Coming from a Puerto Rican and Salvadorian family it’s always interesting. The funny part is adults start screaming and even cursing in spanish. It’s a fun game because we are all together playing. In my family the ones who tend to play Dominoes are me, my dad,brother and my cousins. As you play you always have to hide your pieces. If not the other player’s can see them. My family plays as many games as they want, until they get tired. The one who tends to win mainly is my dad or one of my cousins.. My family plays the traditional double six. The traditional double six is when we get nine pieces. The one who has the double six ends up going first. The reason I like to play is because it’s fun to see who will win. I can’t really say I’ve won too many games because my dad and cousins always win. But I don’t mind it.The best part to me is seeing how it ends.

Year: 2002

– Lauryn

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