Porcelain doll

1933 family heirloom
1933 family heirloom

  •  It all started in 1994 it was my mom's 6th birthday. She closed her eyes as my great-grandmother came to hand her this beautiful gift box. As she opened the box she caught a glimpse of the beautiful porcelain doll dressed in white. It wasn't her first time seeing the doll she had seen it only once before in a photo of her mom holding it. The doll had been in the family for almost 55 years passed down generations of women. Instantly mom grabbed the doll and spinning in circles with a smile of joy.My mom has kept this doll in her possession for 31 years before passing it down to me. This was a baptism and birthday gift from my great-grandmother. My mom quotes “I carried my doll around with me until I was 8 then she was on my dresser in a glass case until my grandma passed away and now she lives with my family” This was a big deal when it came time to moving the doll in with her family because it had been kept in one place for so long. It was scary when my mom had first got the doll  because it looked like her. My mom and I had the best memories with my Great-grandmother one of our favorites is cooking lunch for the family and then all eating on the porch while laughing and telling jokes. This connects to our identity ‘cause of what it represents.“My doll means so much to me, It’s one of the last things I have that my grandma gave me to remember her by” This doll means so much to my family because the person was very special to us and we will always remember her.

Place(s): Haiti
Year: 1933

– Kspencer

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more