Polish Scarf

In Attire

    My object is a scarf from Poland. The scarf is white and red which is the color of my country’s flag and where my family is from. Me and my family comes from Poland and I am 100% Polish.
   My dad has similar scarfs and wanted to get me one as well. It reminds us of our homeland in Poland. It is often cold there so these scarves are worn by many. Where my dad bought this scarf is the same the where he bought his scarf which is in Poland. 
   The scarf is made out of yarn. People use this kind of scarf during outdoor events, games, parades and sports like soccer,volleyball, basketball, biking,racing and much more. People hold the scarf up to represent where they come from and where their family comes from.
I have been to Poland with my family. I picked this object because it’s important to me and it reminds me of Poland and the trip I took to visit our homeland. 

Place(s): Poland
Year: 2000

– Maya

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child