Polish Mug

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Mug with White Eagle. Symbol of Poland.
Mug with White Eagle. Symbol of Poland.

  The object before you is a souvenir mug brought over from my parents’ home country of Poland. It depicts the White Eagle on the red background, the symbol of Poland, a country located in the center of Europe, which since it’s beginning in 966 fought for its Independence, and ultimately won, as shown by the gold crown on the Eagle’s head.
My Immigration Story starts with my parents who were born, and raised in Poland. They moved to America in 1990.
I recall that ever since I was very young, my family made trips to Poland, almost every other year. First we had visited my parents hometown and I was able to get to know my extended family and explore the areas my parents had grown up in. I received an opportunity to learn Polish customs, such as the celebrations of weddings and holidays, which are a little bit different than in the States. I also saw how lifestyle on the farm is, something that I am not very used to seeing home. In recent years, during this past decade I finally got to see a good portion of Poland, starting from Warsaw, the Polish Capital, the city of Częstochowa and the most visited religious sanctuary in Poland, Jasna Gora. I had been to Krakow, the old capital of Poland where all of the past kings are buried, and featured the remains of the concentration camp, Auschwitz.
During these visits I learned so much about the language and history of Poland. They also gave me a broader understanding of my Polish background. 

Place(s): Poland
Year: 1990

– MC

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant