Pokemon Yellow

An old copy of Pokemon Yellow
An old copy of Pokemon Yellow

 An important artifact in my life is an original copy of Pokemon Yellow on the 1989 Gameboy. It was given to me for Christmas of 2018-19 by my mother, she got it used from someone selling it online. When I got it the save battery within it was dead, meaning that you cannot save your progress in any of it. However, the importance of this artifact was never about the game itself, rather who got me it, and under the conditions I got in.
My household has always had struggles with financial issues, meaning that extra unnecessary things like games, consoles, or fancy things were very difficult to obtain. At the time I was a very avid fan of the Pokemon series and asked time and time again for a classic Pokemon game. Knowing that there's a good chance I won’t get it at all, however, She had contacted somebody online to get it, and not only that, drive out a few miles to get it with a very limited gas tank. I was so shocked when she handed it to me talking about how happy I must’ve been to finally get something I cared for after so long.
Every time I get a moment to glance at it reminds me of my mom a lot, and how much as a single mother tries her best to be the best mom she can be for both me and my sisters. Every time I see it reminds me of how much my mom has given from herself just to make me content and happy with what I have. Every time I notice it at the bottom of my shelf, collecting dust, it reminds me that I should be happy and grateful for a woman like that in my life, although I can’t play it correctly at all, it's irreplaceable to me.

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– TT

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