Immigrant with Her Siblings

Immigrant's family photo from Italy
Immigrant's family photo from Italy

My great grandmother, Giovanna, was a hard working immigrant from Italy who managed to overcome tough obstacles such as not knowing English when she first came to America. When she came to America, she managed to keep her Italian cultures strong through things such as Sunday dinners, which also kept the family together. Despite keeping Italian cultures evident in her lifestyle, she was very proud to be American, and loved the opportunities it had provided her. Coming to America was tough because she had to leave her mother at a young age, but there was no doubt in her mind that it was the right move for her to make. Giovanna’s time in Italy was very short, and not much is known, but her life in America through hard work in the garment industry, helped her create a better life for her children and grandchildren like me.

Place(s): Italy
Year: 1933

– Anthony Patafio

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more