Fabric Piece

Fabric piece from nazi work suit
Fabric piece from nazi work suit

My object is a piece of fabric from my great grandfather’s nazi work suit from when he was imprisoned by the nazis for 7 years in Auschwitz. The fabric is very rough and scratchy.
I imagine my great grandfather had to wear this uniform everyday. He must’ve sweat in it, ate food in it, lay down with it, and walked around with it. It is very uncomfortable so I’m assuming he despised having to wear it. 
I never met my great grandfather. He killed himself in 2001, before I was born. If he were still alive I would ask him how it felt to have to wear that everyday, working everyday from sunrise to sunset, eating nothing but bread and soup every day for seven years, I would ask how it felt to be freed, and ask him how it was to survive the holocaust. World War II. If I was put to work for 3 years, it would change me, I can’t imagine 7! I’m so glad he lived through that time, otherwise I wouldn’t be here today, and who knows, maybe that that uniform saved him, maybe if he was seen without it on he would have been killed, that would mean that my dad’s dad would not be here, which means that my dad would not be here which means I would not be here. It’s crazy how little things like that might’ve had a HUGE impact on your life. 

Place(s): Auschwitz

– MH

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