Plush trap

This is my plushie
This is my plushie

This plushie is what I will be talking about, I named him Plushtrap and he is 4 years old. I got him on the first Christmas I ever had with my parents. My first Christmas was in 2016, when I started to live with my dad and step mother. I used to live with a friend of my mother until I was nine years old. She didn’t really have a lot of money, but she had enough to get us food and what we needed. So we didn’t really celebrate Christmas.  At that time I barely knew much about my mother and only little about my dad until I became nine. When I turned nine, my dad got custody.of me and my sister, and I felt like a hole had been filled inside me from that day on. My dad is smart with technology and a funny kind of guy and always cracks me up, and my step mom is a calm and sweet as honey kind of woman that makes me smile at times when I’m down, she is also an amazing cook. The day of Christmas brought tears to me and my sister’s eyes because we never celebrated Christmas before. 2016 was the first year I celebrated Christmas and that’s the day I got plushtrap.
 Plushtrap remains my favorite plush and he reminds me of that first Christmas Day and I will never forget it. This plushie reminds me of my family, and the other holidays that we celebrated. It brings many memories and that’s why he is my favorite plushie.

Place(s): New York

– JV

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more