Relationship: Im/migrant

Platanos is very famous spanish object that mostly heard about it or have eat it. Is mostly famous in the Dominican Republic. Platanos can be used in different ways, You can make various dishes with it. Every Dominican favorite breakfast is some mashed platano (mangu) with fried white cheese, salami, and fried eggs. They can be eaten any time and day. Every holidays my family made “Pastelon” is a different version of lasagna, but instead of pasta is made of sweet platains, That one of my favorite dish. Every time I would visit my grandma, she would make plantain for dinner no matter what the main course of our dinner was and it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my childhood. When i was first coming to the Unites States with mom before we head out to the airport, my grandma made me platano maduro (sweet platains) with salami and an orange juice. That was last plate from her. My grandma would always serve plantain to me and she would relate stories about her life experiences. Most of my grandma's stories were thoroughly entertaining and have influenced how I carry myself as a young adult today.

Year: 2006

– Marielys Heredia

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant