Krieger Spoon

The Krieger Spoon
The Krieger Spoon

The Krieger spoon is a big silver spoon that was originally a wedding spoon brought over from Denmark where the Krieger name originated. It was a “wedding spoon” for Franz Wilhelm Krieger and Hildegard Burmeister. He would be one of my (some number of greats grandfather) who after, according to my grandpa Bill, “arrivedin New York and headed west in a short time to Chicago.” We pass the spoon down to the firstborn Krieger of every generation, I was the first born Krieger of this generation so now it is mine and my moms. We continue the tradition of passing the spoon down every generation out of respect for our ancestors who brought this spoon over in 1887 and then were able to make a successful living as immigrants in the United States. This spoon is present at all of the family holidays that we host including Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving because we now use it as a serving spoon. We have used it to serve American food and food special from our culture alike. This object is special to me because it is a symbol of our culture and of the hard work it took for the first American-Kriegers to succeed in our country as immigrants.

Place(s): Denmark, Germany, United States
Year: 1887

– Andrew

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more