Slow cooker

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
slow cooker
slow cooker

My special object is a slow cooker. My mom and aunties would make us yummy Cuban foods such as, Arroz congri (rice mixed with beans but cooked together), Arroz con frijoles (rice with black beans), sopa de pollo con fideo ( chicken soup with noodles), and Ropa vieja (ripped meat with vegetables and cooked with tomato paste) in the slow cooker. She only makes these if family and friends are coming over so that they can try it. My aunts in Cuba would make me these foods everyday for every meal there, and much more. When you could get meat in Cuba you would have a big meal with leftovers and you would invite people over and play dominos and play music, and so one meal could turn into a big party. When my mom would make food in the slow cooker she would call like 5 different people to get their different family recipes so she would know what to cook and how long and what spices to use, so when we eat them, it is a blend of different families food recipes. So eating these foods at home reminds me of Cuba and connects me to my family even if I can't see them.

Place(s): Cuba

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant