Pizza Gain


 My Scotch-Irish Grandmother, Jacque Luciani, was born in 1929 in the state of Missouri. She moved to Connecticut around 1956 and married my grandfather, Guarino Luciani at the age of 26. My grandmother always had an interest in cooking new cuisine. One dish she wanted to try was my great grandmother is Pizza Gain recipe. She started out making the recipe “from scratch” around 1967. She has been making my favorite holiday pie, Pizza Gain for the last 52 years. I started helping make the pies as a teenager after I proved that I can follow directions and not mess them up. We would make more than seven of theses pies which could take up to day and a half. 

Pizza Gain consists of three different types of meat and three different cheese. The ingredients consist of ham, pepperoni, pursuit, Parmesan cheese, Basket cheese, mozzarella, and peppered crust.  Each of the meats and cheeses are cut into quarter inch size cubes so it fits the pie. The crust we used is very thin peppered crust, which is a double crust, using two lays on top of each other. The eggs are the most important part. To little or too much can mess the hole pie up. In my grandmother’s words, “it’s a judgment call”. The favor of the cheese’s combined with the of meat that makes your mind melt and leaves you begging for more. 

Place(s): Woodbridge

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