Ragu Recipe

My mother’s Ragu/Meat sauce is totally different than the canned sauce brand. Now, this sauce was not originally my mother’s, it was my great grandmother’s recipe originally that came across the Atlantic from Italy. This sauce is a very special meat sauce that was and still is mainly served on holidays and other various events. It is different than Bolognese sauce because it is made with more kinds of meats than just ground meat. It includes short ribs, which mainly makes it that special sauce, as short ribs aren’t a usual occurrence for most Italian households. I am very proud of my Italian heritage, which makes this sauce very special for me. It truly makes me feel Italian when eating the sauce because I know of where it came from and the generations that it has passed down from. The migration of my family from Italy is what brought this recipe and many others to my family and me that I will cherish for days to come.

Year: 1931

– Peter Ciaccio

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