Pink Stone Ring

Everyone has an object, that pretty much identifies who you are. Some know what it is, yet some do not. However, I didn’t until about two days ago when i was sitting in my room and saw my ring shining from my t.v. light. As a result the object i chose is a beautiful Judith Ripka ring that i had received as a gift earlier this year. I specifically wear it on my right ring finger. A sizable light pink stone, my favorite color, and a silver band with a little gold that helps hold the stone in. I normally do not like yellow gold jewelry, but the gold in this is shaped into 4 hearts, and i love hearts. We were at the mall shopping, and my grandmother showed me this beautiful piece of jewelry in Bloomingdale’s that I immediately fell in love with. After my grandma passed away last year, my aunt Maria bought me the ring. I wear it on special occasions to feel that Yiayia is there with me and is getting to experience these events. This is important, because she was supposed to be here, but then got sick and did not make it. This object connects me to my identity, because it reminds me of her and my family. They made me who i am today, and I do not know who I would be without them.

Year: 2016

– Evangeline Diakakis

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