Wedding Photo

Both of my parents were born in China. This was a photo of them on the day they were married. This was a short while before my dad left for America to try and get better opportunities. The way the family arrived was through chain migration. First my grandma on my dad's side came first along with her late husband followed by my dad's older brother. His parents and older sibling had already come to America and had established a place to live. By that time it was the year 1995 which was the year my dad married my mom promising a better life for her once he went to America and settle down it was also the year I was born. He called my mom telling her he was living in a "nice" apartment and that we could come and live there and then we set out. Things were tough at first with one parent working through nights and the other working through the mornings but eventually the schedules got better with better opportunities heading their way.

Place(s): China,
Year: 2000

– Jeffrey Z.

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