C.B. and Q. Sign

Relationship: Im/migrant
Sign created from a C.B. & Q. Boxcar
Sign created from a C.B. & Q. Boxcar

 This sign represents my journey from the western part of Illinois to Chicago.   The Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy Railroad began in 1848 connecting Chicago to the Mississippi River and eventually further west transporting people, goods, grain, and livestock to and from Chicago ever since.  I grew up near Galesburg, Illinois one of the stops along the C.B.&Q. Growing up, we’d take the train to the suburbs of Chicago to visit family during the holidays.  When I moved to Chicago in 2012, the train became my favorite mode of transportation to visit my family back home for holidays and to just escape “the Big City”.   I found this sign a few years ago at a shop back home. The story was the wood was from an old farm shed that had been made out of a C.B. & Q. boxcar.  It is a meaningful reminder of both my past and my present lives.  

Place(s): Knoxville, IL
Year: 2012

– Megan C

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant