Picture of great great grandpa

Picture of great great grandfather
Picture of great great grandfather

This picture is of great great grandfather in 1910 when he was 19 his name was Peter E. H. Linden and he was from a village called Vastavik along with his 13 siblings. My great great grandfather immigrated from Sweden to Rhode island when he was only 19. Once he arrived via boat to America he moved to Rhode Island where he met his wife, my great great grandmother who also immigrated to America from Sweden. He worked as a linemen on the railroads and as a cobbler, as well as working on tugboats that gave him a job opportunity at Western Union. He would take my grandfather and great uncle to see the telephone poles him and his crew put up, he fixed most of the problems he saw and was very good at teaching about those problems, he always seemed to have a smile. Peter got into a car accident that scared him to rarely drive. Peter loved to go on hunting and fishing trips and always had good stories to tell about it. The picture itself was taken in Sweden and went with him on the boat to America its been passed down to my great grandparents, grandma, and my parents. The picture has traveled from Sweden to Rhode Island to NYC.

Place(s): Sweden,Rhode Island,New York
Year: 1910

– YB

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more