Picture of Great Grandmother


My family artifact is a photo of my great grandmother from France. Let me get this straight, my grandmother is important to me and i care about this photo a lot. In the photo my great grandmother is on a bicycle, I don’t know much about the bicycle but i know she enjoyed biking. My great grandmother was born in France and grew up in France. This is one of the ONLY photos I have seen of her. We keep this photo in my mother’s room on her desk, and sometimes it moves to my mother and father’s dresser which holds their clothing, but on top of it rests the picture of  my grandmother. 
My great grandmother grew up and married my great grandfather and they had 2 girls, one is my grandmother Gigi and my aunt is the other. My grandma, Gigi got married and had two boys, my dad Gregory, and my uncle Fred so my great grandmother is from my dad’s side. My dad flew to America in his late twenties and he got a job at a restaurant and met my mother, Angela. After they got married in 2006 or early 2007 i was born in the year of 2007, we lived the three of us in a cramped in a small apartment. Then my brother Luca came along in 2009, and we moved to the apartment I live in now. 
I look at this photo so much it is like I’m with her. My great grandma seems so quiet and deep in thought in that book, kind of like me, perhaps a little of her lives inside of me. I think all the ancestors live inside of us, and if that’s so our family live on forever, one generation to the next.      

Place(s): France

– N

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more