Once Yugoslavia used to be a part of Albania because of World War 1. We now have a little beautiful part in Montenegro, the view, culture, the curved dangerous dirt streets. I would be on top of the hill because that is where our house was, staring at the sky and beautiful lake while my grandfather used to play the çifteli. We used to have a very old one passed on from my great grandfather but got taken away when World War I happened. I let my grandfather try to teach me how to play the famous tune everybody there knew, but I was too little to learn. It’s turned into a family tradition, where everyone gathers around and listens to my father play the instrument because it bring back nostalgia. My dad was in the war for a month or two but he wanted his own life so he migrated to New York City for the american dream. He had a couple dollars in his pocket and slept on a couch in his brother's house. He got a job as a waiter in a steakhouse. Now he started his own successful steakhouses, now that he has money he buys land in Montenegro so that Serbian people buyout all the land. The reason for that is because in Montenegro everything is so cheap. Still all they had was family and music it's ironic because my family's last name is Music. The religion we practice in my town is Islam.

Place(s): Yugoslavia, Albania,Montenegro
Year: 1980

– melvin

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