Childhood Picture

A picture of my sister and I.
A picture of my sister and I.

This item is sentimental to me because it has been around for as long as I can remember.  As of now, it sits on a pretty circular glass table in the middle of my living room. The picture includes me and my sister sitting in between a yellow fire hydrant. In that picture I was around one or two years old, definitely no older than three. Since my sister is two years older than me she was around 3-4. From time to time, I sit down and analyze the picture to see how much either my sister or I have changed since then. The picture will more than likely go to either me or my sister so we can forever preserve this memory. Hopefully, we can pass it on to our children or even grandchildren, so they can just keep passing it down for many more generations.

Place(s): Norfolk, Virginia

– TC

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