Bennett Family Photo

Bennett Family Photo (2011)
Bennett Family Photo (2011)

        Rod Stewart once said that “Every picture tells a story. Doesn’t it?” From my experience it does. In the corner hangs a huge picture with an all black background full of melanated people wearing big smiles. The Bennett family in 2011. I remember joking and having fun with my family that day. This picture was a gift to my grandparents to showcase the beautiful family that they created. Till this day my grandparents and family stress the importance of spending holidays and events together and staying connected to secondary family.       This isn't just a photo to recollect a moment, but the past, present and future. It represents growth, loss, resilience, and the power my family has instilled in me. It shows how we grow into our own people; how our family loses and gains loved ones; how family helps each other in our times of need. Most importantly it shows how throughout time we remain a family. This photo represents a journey filled with many stories. Therefore, I disagree with Rod; it doesn't tell a story, but many stories. Although this photo hasn’t been passed down from generation to generation, memories of the Bennett family will be passed down forever.

– C.W.

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