picture of a dog

Relationship: Im/migrant
a dog like Rayo
a dog like Rayo

Two years ago I came to the United States in winter. The first thing I saw when I got here was I saw my uncle and my cousin. My first memory of the United States is a sir who was born here who gave me food and toys. 
The object I chose  is a picture of my dog because it looks like my dog that lives in Guatemala. My dog is happy friendly and sometimes he is angry. The name from my dog is Rayo.  He is 8 years old. My dog used to sometimes take care of my little brothers. My father gave me this dog in Guatemala. It belongs to my family. It is important to me because my pets are very important. The picture reminds my dog and that makes me feel happy. 

Place(s): Guatemala, Brooklyn
Year: 2019

– Dennis G.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant