Collage of my story
Collage of my story

I loved my great grandma with all my heart. She was always very kind to me whenever I went to her house in NYC. She lived only a few blocks from my house and I would sometimes sleep at her house with her and my grandma and grandpa. I called her Beba. Beba is not here real name, it is the name I gave her when I was three. She was an awesome cook. I never met her but I tasted some of her recipes that me and my grandma cook. They both went to Puerto Rico from Europe. I love my grandma with all my heart and every night before I go to bed I say good night beba.

“Con Diós, me acuesto
Con Diós me levanto
Con la Virgen María
Y el Espíritu Santo”

“With God, I go to sleep
With God I wake up
With the Virgin Maria
And the Holy Spirit”

Place(s): Puerto Rico

– JR

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant