Photograph of my Grandfather

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Photo of my Grandpa my Dad and my Aunt
Photo of my Grandpa my Dad and my Aunt

My Name is Lily Neal pace. My grandpa's name was Neil pace. Sadly he passed away before I met him. However, I am still in some way connected to him through our names. My parents named me after him to keep some part of him with us. Not only do we have the same name but we are similar people. My parents like to say "you have the same humor as grandpa Neil" or "you have the same smile as him." Hearing these things makes me feel even more connected to him. Another thing to know about him is he was just as independent as I am. Just like him I grew up in New York. He went to school at Tulane but his freshman year his mom passed so he decided to move back to New York City and go to NYU. He did this all just to be close to his dad.  This shows how much of a caring person he was. After moving back he met my grandma, got married and had my dad right away. Although they got divorced many years after they had my Aunt. Sadly my grandpa passed away from cancer before my mom and my dad met. Even though he didn't immigrate his story is still powerful and the hardships he went through must have been tough. One thing I have noticed looking back at this picture, his life, and my life, is how similar we are and how I can relate to him. I Guess there really is a reason why I have his name. 

Place(s): NYC

– LP

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant