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The ring

For as long as I can remember I have always loved my grandma's ring.  I remember always wanting one just like hers.  My grandma always told me that wearing it a certain way meant different things.  She informed me that it was a Claddagh ring.  There is a heart, a crown, and a set of hands on the ring.  The heart means love, the crown means loyalty, and the hands mean friendship. The heart has a crown on it and the hands are holding the heart.  On my 14th birthday, my grandparents gave me one as a gift and I loved it.  They told me I had to get it engraved with my name to show that it was mine. My grandma's memory hasn't been the greatest throughout the last few years.  However, she remembered when she took me to the mall the year before to get my finger sized for a ring, which was a size 7.5.  I never took the ring off.  It was sterling silver, a very thin metal, so it ultimately wears very easily.  I remember one day messing around with the ring and realizing that the band was cracked.  I immediately gave the ring to my mom to take to the jeweler to get fixed. My ring finger felt so bare without the ring I have worn every day for two years.  My skin was so pale where the ring used to be from the sun not hitting that spot.   

Place(s): Ireland

– Carly Henson

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