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This is a record player my Nana and Poppop have had since 1970. Ever since I was born I don't remember a time where some sort of classical or jazz music wasn't being played on this record player every time I walked into the house. This record player has played music during both happy and sad times and it is very important to my family and my culture. 
There was one time where my whole family was sitting in the living room of my grand-parents house and we were all listening to this slow and classical song when all of a sudden my grand-father changed the song and he asked me to dance. So him and I were dancing on the carpet, my brother and cousin by the couch and everyone was laughing and smiling and it is one of the happiest memories that I remember. Everyone felt so close to one-another and it's one of the first times I realized how much this record player meant to my family and how it is the source of all happy memories and my family's connection.
I am Jewish and Catholic and music is a big part of my culture. The way my family celebrates holidays is through song and dance and the record player plays the music we sing and dance too. That's the story of my grand-parents record player.

Year: 1970

– Kira Safier

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