Family Photo 1997,NYC
Family Photo 1997,NYC

The picture that you see is my family. This picture was taken when we first arrived to NYC from Bangladesh. In the picture you see my mom, dad, younger brother and me in 1997. My father received a sibling visa from his older sister which allowed us to come to NYC and fulfill the American dream. Bangladesh is an under developed, overly populated country in Asia. Education is a luxury and if a family is wealthy they have a higher chance of success. Both my parents came from extremely poor families so they only received grade school education.My father had a small farm so he would sell vegetables to make ends meet and my mom was a housewife before moving to the USA. Since moving, my father works for a maintenance company and my mom is a housekeeper at a hotel. They work extremely hard to put a roof over our heads. Since immigrating my family of four became a family of six. I am the first in my family to go to college. We are a working-class family. Our religion still remains the same however, my parents still try to enforce the religion and traditions of our culture so we won't forget our roots. My family dynamic has changed tremendously since moving to the USA from Bangladesh. Immigrating to the USA was the best choice my parents made for our family despite the disadvantages we receive as a minority group. I receive extra pressure to succeed in my education especially since I’m the oldest of four but I used that as motivation from where we started in 1997 to who we are now. 

Place(s): Bangladesh, New York City
Year: 1997

– J

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child