Relationship: Im/migrant
A picture
A picture

            This picture tells a story of my father, a role model I have looked up to since I was little and still do.  This story that my artifact represents that many families especially immigrants may relate to . This artifact is important to me and my family because it’s an object that my dad took with him when he left his home country and how much he sacrificed. On December , 2007,my father was 24 and he left Ecuador in the city of Cuenca, to come to the United States. The following day he headed to the airport to Honduras. In the morning he got picked up and from there on they had to go through Guatemala and Mexico. He stayed in Mexico for 1 week .Then he traveled to the border in back of the truck. He then walked in the desert of Mexico for two nights He says it was difficult  because it was very cold at night. He had to be aware of the police control and had to run from them at some cases, he didn’t really have food and had to rely on just drinking water from the river. At night he had to walk but at day he and the group had to find a place to hide since agents kept watch. Then he arrived at Texas Laredo, and he had to wait with the rest for a van who was going to come for them to leave them at a house in New York. The journey of Texas to New York was 12 hours for my father. After 2 weeks he reunited with me, my mom and my sister. My father's journey to the United States lasted for 20 days. He had to go through a whole experience just to reunite with me, my sister and my mom and I’m honestly grateful to have him each day in my life.    

Place(s): Ecuador
Year: 2007

– Heather

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant