This is a picture I have about my family sitting in the jungle of the Burma border when they were migrating from Burma to Thailand refugee camp. I don’t really remember a lot from this day or time because I was a baby as you can see in the picture. And I heard a lot of stories from my parents, from my mom and my sisters that told me, and they migrated from Burma to Thailand because there was war and then the Burmese soldiers that were like asking them to flee their homes and burning their villages – which is actually not asking, but forcing them to. So they thought it wasn’t safe anymore, so they left. 

And they told me it was very scary and they had to sleep in the jungle and then walk. A few days, they would walk in the jungle, but on other days, they would have to run if they knew Burmese soldiers were near them and if there were campsites and if they saw leftover campfires, so they’d know it was unsafe. They were traveling with the Karenni soldiers where they would protect them and they would find ways and routes through the woods following the Karenni soldiers. And eventually they reached Thailand and they lived in this refugee camp. 

Place(s): Washington
Year: 2010

– Cha Mo

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child