Pink Flowered Glass


 Sundae Special “Time for ice cream!!”, my mom would yell, gathering all of my siblings together. While I hated when my mom would yell, this was the only thing that I loved to hear. For a long time, these cups were just the ice cream bowls for the kids and the wine glasses for the adults on special occasions.  Ultimately, I learned of the specialty and senility of these glasses, in fact, these glasses have been in my family for five generations. Before my mom’s grandmother passed away, she asked my mom what of hers that she wanted- she wanted these glasses. Given that I was fascinated by the beauty and delicacy of these glasses, while eating ice cream on the night of my eighth grade graduation, I asked my mom where she got these glasses, and why we only used them on special occasions. In hopes of sufficiently answering my questions, my mom told the story from beginning to end. They were my great-great grandmothers, who passed them down to her daughter, who passed them down to her granddaughter- my mom. Granted these glasses are meaningful to her because her great-grandmother and grandmother were no longer here, but they are also special because she gets preserve the tradition, which she explained felt like an honor.  Considering I had little knowledge of my family history, it was then that I had a “wow moment”. From this, I knew that I never wanted this tradition to die and  hopefully one day I would get the privilege of upholding this tradition with my own children. 

– Sydney Grant

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more