Philips LCD Computer Monitor


I was born in Warsaw, Poland, and my parents and I lived there until I was four. Shortly before my third birthday, my parents decided to get a computer for me to use; however, CRT computer monitors (the most common technology at the time) were known to emit very unhealthy doses of radiation at short distances. My parents knew that they needed an alternative. Fortunately, there was one: LCD monitors were still a new and emerging technology, and while extremely expensive, they were much safer than CRT's. Brand-name electronics cost far more in Poland than in the U.S.; most LCD monitors cost a small fortune. My parents saved up and bought the one pictured here: a 15-inch Philips model.Less than a year later, my parents were informed that we'd won the Green Card Lottery, and we decided to emigrate to the United States. We took this monitor as part of our carry-on luggage (unwilling to risk it breaking if a suitcase was tossed,) and I used it for most of my childhood in the States. Though it's rather outdated now, it still works flawlessly over a decade later.

Year: 2001

– Krzysztof Hochlewicz

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