La Guitarra

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
My Father's Guitar
My Father's Guitar

Most people who begin a new life usually a carry an item that holds significant meaning to their lives such as a necklace, a watch, a picture, or even a pen but to my father, it was a guitar. To me this guitar symbolizes the start of a new life, not just for my father, but for me and for the future of my family and their family. My father emigrated from his town in Yucatan, Mexico in the hopes of escaping rebellion in the region and begin life in another country as a new man. My father was only 18 when he began his perilous journey through the desert in the hopes of finding the "Land of Opportunity." With patience and time, his dream became a reality; he had finally reached the United States. It wasn't easy for him, not knowing where to go or where to even begin, but with time, his new life was slowly unfolding for him. He started working for hotels in the local area of Bell Gardens as a bellhop, a janitor, and later on becoming a bartender. He knew without hard work, he wouldn't survive so he did just that and with enough money, he was able to get a small apartment for him and later on for his brothers who would later join him on his journey of life. Being so busy with getting a home, he didn't even have time to buy something he enjoys doing, so with his money, he bought the guitar that is still with us. He would tell me how he would play songs after work to relieve him from the hard days at work and we would later on play it to me as a child and to my mom when they dated.

Year: 1989

– William Manzanero

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant