Peruvian Dress

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Relationship: Im/migrant
Peruvian Dress
Peruvian Dress

The Peruvian culture in the Berkshires 

My artifact is this typical dress from my city in Peru. I was born on the north coast of Peru in the city named Chiclayo “the friendly city.” I immigrated to America in 2008. This dress reminds me every day of where I came from and how proud I feel to keep my Peruvian culture and my customs in the US, this country which is my home now. This dress has great significance for me because it is hand made by typical women from a small town in Chiclayo called “Monsefu.” In the design are some flowers and birds that represent Monsefu. My children also have traditional Peruvian outfit now. My mom brought this dress to America almost six years ago because I wanted to have something to represent Peru in America. From that time every year I participate in the parade and dance in the Latin Festival of the Berkshires. I consider this dress to be an artifact that represents my identity and my heritage. Each time I put it on to dance I feel transported to Peru, but at the same time I feel that American people are coming with me on this imaginary trip. I think of this dress as a salad bowl item because it suggests the integration of the Peruvian culture in The United States.     

Place(s): Chiclayo, Peru
Year: 2008

– Veronica

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant